What We’ve Done

Full Length Plays

Oct 1998 Dead Ringer by Charles Ross
June 2000 How the Other Half Loves by Alan Ayckbourn
May 2001  Cash on Delivery by Ray Cooney
June 2003 A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare
May 2004 Nil by Mouth by Jon Chapman
May 2006 Out of Order by Ray Cooney
May 2007 Tons of Money by Will Evans and Valentine
May 2008 Snake in the Grass by Alan Ayckbourn
May 2009 Habeas Corpus by Alan Bennett
May 2010 Second from Last in the Sack Race by Michael Birch
May 2011 It Runs in the Family by Ray Cooney


May 2012 Comic Potential by Alan Ayckbourn
May 2013 A Night on the Tiles by Frank Vickery
Jan 2014 The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew by Robert Bolt
May 2014 My Boy Jack by David Haig
Sep 2014 The Death on the Smug Juggler by Richard Coleman
May 2015 Curtain Up on Murder by Bettine Manktelow
May 2016 Run for Your Wife by Ray Cooney
May 2017 Caught in the Net by Ray Cooney
May 2018 The Tempest by William Shakespeare
May 2019 Dial M for Murder by Frederick Knott
Sep 2021 There Goes the Bride by Ray Cooney and John Chapman
May 2022 And Then There  Were None by Agatha Christie
Sep 2022 Give Us a Sign by Tony Domaille
May 2023 Neighbourhood Watch by Alan Ayckbourn
Sep 2023 Rumours by Neil Simon



Jan 1998 Dick Whittington  by John Morley
Jan 2000 Frankenstein the Panto  by David Swan
Jan 2001 Cinderella  by David Swan
Jan 2003 Red Riding Hood
Jan 2004 King Arthur  by Paul Reakes
Jan 2005 Cinders – The True Story  by David Tristram
Jan 2006 The Three Musketeers – Le Panteau  by Richard Lloyd
Jan 2007 Dick Turpin  by Paul Reakes
Jan 2008 Treasure Island by Richard Lloyd
Jan 2009 Ali Baba  by David Swan


Jan 2010 The Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe  by Norman Robbins
Jan 2011 Aladdin  by Norman Robbins
Jan 2012 Beauty and the Beast  by Ron Nicol
Jan 2013 Sleeping Beauty by John Bartlett
Jan 2015 Jack and the Beanstalk by Peter Denyer
Jan 2016 Peter Pan by Maris McCann
Jan 2017 Aladdin by Ron Hall
Jan 2018 Mother Goose by David Maun
Jan 2019 Cinderella by Maris McCann
Jan 2020 Camelot – The Panto! by Ben Crocker
Jan 2022 Dick Whittington by Ben Crocker
Jan 2023 Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood by Ben Crocker


One Act Plays

Jun 1996 The Space Between the Years  by John Scholes
Jun 1996 The Big Cats by Alec Baron
May 1998 A Kind of Alaska  by Harold Pinter
May 1999 Smile  by David Campton
Jun 2001 The Enquiry Office  by Jean Tardieu
Jun 2001 None the Wiser  by Anthony Boothe
May 2004 Il Fornicazione  by Guiseppe Capone
May 2004 What’s for Pudding?  by David Tristram
Oct 2007 Parentcraft  by Stephen Smith
Oct 2007 Hidden Meanings  by Michael Snelgrove
Sep 2008 Green Favours by Frank Vickery
Sep 2008 Out for the Count  by Martin Downing
Sep 2009 A Cut in the Rates  by Alan Ayckbourn


Sep 2009 The Virtuous Burglar  by Dario Fo
Sep 2010 Teechers  by John Godber
Sep 2010 Sunnyside Up by Richard Crawley
Sep 2011 A Little Box of Oblivion  by Stephen Bean
Sep 2011 Walls  by Richard Crawley
Sep 2011 Not Bobby  by Nick Warburton
Sep 2012 Who Killed the Vicar by Chris Martin (A Murder Mystery)
Sep 2014 The Death on the Smug Juggler by Richard Coleman
Sep 2015 Papa Charlie by Richard Crawley
Sep 2015 November Echo by Pamela Sykes
Sep 2016 Who Killed the Headmaster by Chris Martin (A Murder Mystery)
Sep 2017 Who Killed the Director by Chris Martin (A Murder Mystery)
June 2019 Semblance of Madness by John Newmeir  (Hunstanton Drama Festival)